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Rummenigge and Kahn say Bayern to receive "smart gesture" for Flick's move to national team

By Peter Vice

Speaking on ZDF's "Aktueller Sportstudio" on Sunday evening, Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge clarified that Bayern and the German FA have and agreement in principle to complete Hansi Flick's move to the national team. 

Rummenigge's successor, Oliver Kahn, confirmed in separate interview that the FCB will not receive financial compensation. 

Hansi Flick.
Hansi Flick.

A nation waits for what seems to be an inevitable confirmation. Speaking to Sky Germany after Bayern's title win on Saturday, both Bayern CEO and outgoing trainer Hans Dieter Flick dropped hint after hint that Flick's appointment as the new Bundestrainer should be near.

In a separate interview with Germany's Bild-Zeitung published on Sunday, Rummenigge even pushed the DFB to conclude individual negotiations with Flick and announce the deal as soon as possible.

Rummenigge provided further context on a Sunday interview program, going into greater detail about the negotiations between Bayern and the FA for the much discussed quid-pro-quo.

"There's actually already an agreement in principle between Bayern and the DFB for a 'smart gesture'," Rummenigge said on German broadcaster ZDF, "We don't need to negotiate much more. There's widespread agreement on how to handle it."

What this "smart gesture" may be is unclear at the moment. Incoming Bayern CEO Oliver Kahn, in an interview with Bild, said that the German giants would receive neither financial compensation nor will they get exclusive rights to a series of exhibition matches, as had been reported before.

A possible reason for the deal being held up may relate to either Flick or the DFB's wishes to not to publicize their own negotiations. In his recent statements, Flick has said that there "have been discussions" with other footballing organizations.

His deliberate use of the past tense suggests that there are no such discussions going on now.

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