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FCA boss endorses Reuter and Weinzierl: "We can all be successful together again."

By Peter Vice

Augsburg boss Klaus Hofmann insisted to a local newspaper that, despite some of his recent bluster, the club wasn't planning any administrative or personnel changes. 

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Speaking to the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung, Klaus Hofmann sought to downplay some of the rumors surrounding his managing director Stefan Reuter.  While acknowledging that there had been a round of discussions following last Friday night's defeat away at Mainz, the club executive affirmed his trust in his current managerial and coaching staff.

"After the last game, there were plenty of fights in all departments," Hofmann noted, "But after the end of the discussions, a conviction emerged that we can all be successful again together in our current set up."

"There is no discussion of a personnel change," the boss confirmed, "Neither on the managerial nor coaching side."

This constituted a full endorsement of both Reuter and head-coach Marcus Weinzierl. When it came time to speak on the coach directly, Hofmann pointed out that the FCA gained much from sticking with the current trainer during his first stint with the club between 2012 and 2016.

"We followed his principles that time, sticking with him and trusting him," Hofmann noted, "That resulted in our most successful time. Lately, we've lost stability at the head-coaching position and need to get back to that."

Hofmann's words notwithstanding, the Fuggerstädter must find something upon which to build very soon. A loss this evening away at Bochum in a second round DFB Pokal tie would serve as a highly significant further set-back.

Weinzierl has ramped up the rhetoric ahead of the match.

"The team only jumps as high as it has to," the 46-year-old said after Friday's blowout loss, "I have to set a standard. The rest of the team has to follow suit. Those who don't do so are on their own. With two wins in five days [cup and league], we have every opportunity to turn it around."

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