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Adeyemi hits back at critics: "Strange how people judge someone they don't know"

Karim Adeyemi has brushed off criticism that his relationship with Kosovo Albanian rapper Loredana has had a negative impact on his performances.
Borussia Dortmund attacker Karim Adeyemi has admitted that his performances this season have not lived up to his hopes and expectations, but has rejected suggestions that his relationship with Kosovo Albanian rapper Loredana has anything to do with his problems on the pitch.

Having started dating Loredana in the summer of 2023, Adeyemi has failed to produce his best performances so far this season, leading to speculation that his relationship has distracted him from performing at his top level.

However, Adeyemi denies this is the case, saying it's "unfair" to point fingers at his girlfriend for something he is solely responsible for.

"I knew what I was getting myself into, and obviously I knew that she's someone in the public eye. But I thought the way people judged me and reacted after bad performances was really bad," he said in an interview on Borussia Dortmund YouTube channel.

"I didn't think it was unfair against me because I didn't play well, but it was unfair against my girlfriend. She and my family have nothing to do with how I play and how I perform on the pitch. That's my sole responsibility because I'm the one who's out there on the pitch.

"Sometimes I find it strange how some people take the liberty of judging someone they don’t know."

Back in November, Adeyemi caused a stir when he decided to turn down a call-up to the German U21 national team in order to work on getting back to his best at the training ground in Dortmund, and he also commented on this in the interview.

"It was very difficult," Adeyemi admitted.

"I think the first half of the season as a whole was a little bit turbulent, not only on the pitch, but as we mentioned earlier, also in my private life. I was often - or too often - in the middle of things that I shouldn't have been."

Explaining his decision, he added:

"I'm always very proud when I get to play for Germany, and I think it's important to state that again. Wearing that eagle on you chest is not something that just happens and you think nothing more of it. It's definitely something that you wear with honor and pride. And that makes you go the extra mile when you know you're playing for your country.

"For me, it was just important to reflect on what I needed at that time, and in that moment, I just wanted to get back into a rhythm and perform for Dortmund before showing what I can do for the national team. So that's why I wanted to sit out those two games and really get going for Dortmund. That's also what I said at the time, and I thin kit worked out quite well for me personally."

Adeyemi is currently sidelined with an ankle injury he suffered in December.

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