By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Undav and Füllkrug trade quips at DFB presser: "A couple of bullsh***ers."

Newly called up German national team striker Deniz Undav spoke on what it felt like to finally represent his country at a Thursday DFB presser. The 27-year-old also traded some good-natured barbs with his fell German national team late-bloomer, 31-year-old striker Niclas Fülkrug. 
For 27-year-old VfB Stuttgart striker Deniz Undav, his first DFB call up obviously constituted a "dream come true". The late-bloomer found himself fortunate enough to feature in Bundestrainer Julian Nagelsmann's plans in the very first international break since he committed to play for the country. Undav arrived at the team hotel on Monday evening sporting a hooded sweatshirt with the words "I'm just a kid with a dream" written on it.

Following Thursday morning's training session, it was Undav's turn to appear before the cameras alongside Borussia Dortmund striker Niclas Füllkrug. Back in November, Füllkrug shared the very same space with his former SV Werder Bremen teammate Marvin Ducksch. Much like at that presser, the duo tasked by the German FA with representing the team kept matters light and humorous.

"The sweater was fully appropriate because the nomination was a dream come true for me," Undav said of his Monday wardrobe selection, "It was clear to me from the outset that I wanted to play for Germany because I grew up here. I have very few ties to Turkey. I was just waiting for the national team coach to call and was all the happier when he did."

"Everyone was happy for each other," Undav added when asked about what it felt like to re-unite with club teammates Chris Führich, Waldemar Anton, and Maximilian Mittelstädt in the DFB locker room,  "We made a few jokes, for example that we no longer talk to non-national-team players."

Füllkrug - who had already answered questions about what it felt like to leave his many Borussia Dortmund teammates behind - immediately sensed that Undav was having a spot of fun with him. The Dortmund striker - seated to Undav's right - didn't hesitate when it came time to supply a verbal counterpunch.

"To that I should add that such fun wouldn't go down very well in our locker room," Füllkrug quipped, generating waves of laughter from all of the assembled media in attendance at the presser.

"Niclas and I are a couple of bullshitters who bring humor to the group," Undav retorted, "I want to help the team and keep up the good mood. He [Füllkrug] is a great player with a good presence in the box. One has little concern for him loosing the ball."

"His finishing skills are very good," Undav continued, making sure to add with a smile and a wink, "Of course no better than mine."

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