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Claudio Pizarro opts to work for Bayern at the end of his career

By Laura Brandt

Claudio Pizarro will reportedly turn down a job offer from Werder Bremen as he plans to work for Bayern München when his footballing career ends this summer.

Claudio Pizarro.
Claudio Pizarro.Photo: Niklas B, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 2.0

Claudio Pizarro has decided that he wants to return to his former club Bayern München to work as a brand ambassador when he retires from football at the end of the season, according to Sport Bild.

His current club, Werder Bremen, have offered him a similar job, but the 41-year-old apparently prefers to go back to Munich.

Bayern München ambassador captain Giovane Elber has previously admitted that he would like to get Pizarro on board.

"For us, Claudio is certainly an option for a job as ambassador. He's very popular with the Bayern fans, so it would be nice if he came to us. He has said that he we should get together when he has officially ended his career," Elber told Sport Bild in February.

Pizarro played for Bayern München from 2001–2007 and 2012–2015.

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