Wolfsburg - Bielefeld

Germany: Bundesliga
Wolfsburg W. Weghorst (19), M. Arnold (20)
VOLKSWAGEN ARENA2-1Attendance: 4.519
Bielefeld S. Schipplock (80)

Neuhaus expressed optimism that Klos and Cordova can carry Bielefeld

By Peter Vice

With only three goals from four matches, newly promoted Arminia Bielefeld must demonstrate better offensive prowess should they wish to remain in the German top flight.

While commentators persistently raise the question of how this squad can expect to score goals, trainer Uwe Neuhaus insists he has the answers.

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Bielefeld can hardly be described as a team with penetrative power. Through four rounds of Bundesliga play, die Arminnen have failed to consistently find a way through to the attacking third. Some argue that the club doesn't have a goalscorer. Uwe Neuhaus counters that he has two.

In a recent interview with German footballing magazine Kicker, Neuhaus explained that it would take time for Sergio Cordova (accustomed to playing center forward) to master a new assignment on the flanks.

"Part of the discussions before we signed him [Cordova], centered around the [new] outside position," Neuhaus noted, "I think he will get better from match to match."

Neuhaus spoke of the specifics Cordovas needed to improve upon. A left flank attacker has additional defensive responsibilities and must learn how to coordinate his play with the left fullback. A player used to rushing forward in centralized lanes also needs time to learn how to find ways into the box at the right moments.

In addition to expressing confidence in Cordova, Neuhaus took time too back his primary attacker and captain Fabian Klos. The 32-year-old has scored an incredible 132 goals for Bielefeld since joining the club in 2011. All of these nevertheless came in the second division.

The veteran, now in the twilight of his career, still seeks his first top flight goal. Examples abound of players who broke scoring records in the lower divisions, yet never could step up their game when playing with Germany's elite.

His 60-year-old head coach, also a top division debutante, keeps his faith in his captain. "He won't be derailed so easily," Neuhaus said, "He has to do his job again. I already witnessed more spritely play from him [last week] against Bayern. I believe he can do the same against Wolfsburg."

1Koen Casteels
20Ridle Baku
4Maxence Lacroix
25John Brooks
15Jérôme Roussillon
23Josuha Guilavogui (C) ↩31
8Renato Steffen ↩84
14Admir Mehmedi ↩67
27Maximilian Arnold
17Maximilian Philipp ↩84
9Wout Weghorst
12Pavao Pervan
21Bartosz Bialek
33Daniel Ginczek
39Tim Siersleben
10Yunus Mallı
11Felix Klaus ↪84
24Xaver Schlager ↪31
31Yannick Gerhardt ↪84
40João Victor ↪67
1Stefan Ortega Moreno
15Nathan De Medina ↩46
2Amos Pieper
6Mike van der Hoorn ↩87
5Jacob Laursen
19Manuel Prietl
31Arne Maier ↩46
8Ritsu Doan
30Marcel Hartel
18Sergio Córdova ↩77
9Fabian Klos (C)
34Oscar Linnér
36Sven Schipplock ↪77
3Brian Behrendt ↪46
4Joakim Nilsson
23Anderson-Lenda Lucoqui
10Reinhold Yabo
14Jóan Edmundsson ↪87
16Fabian Kunze
20Nils Seufert ↪46

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