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By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Italian circuit court rules in favor of Frankfurt in fan dispute

Eintracht Frankfurt have achieved, at least temporarily, a victory in their quest to get traveling supporters into Wednesday's Champions' League fixture against SSC Napoli. 
To the surprise of even those associated with the filing, an Italian administrative court has ruled in Eintracht Frankfurt's favor with regard to a temporary injunction against a ban that would see their supporters barred from next week's Champions' League return leg. SGE board member Philipp Retschke - the Eintracht administrator responsible for filing the injunction request - expressed surprise at the ruling.

"This is of course a satisfying result that was not anticipated by our Italian lawyers," Retschke noted when reached for comment, "But on the other hand, we have to reorganize everything that we and many others had to cancel in the past few days, from ticket orders to travel and transport organization and much more."

The "much more" Retschke referred to encompassed what may be another ruling reversing the decision. The prefecture of Naples can still appeal the ruling, with a different decision then expected Monday or Tuesday. For the time being, the Italian circuit court has ruled that 2,700 tickets must be made available to Frankfurt fans.

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