By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Report: Augsburg open to flipping both Engels and Berisha

Germany's preeminent footballing publication reports that FC Augsburg are very much interested in flipping two players this summer for a handsome profit. 
Stefan Reuter and the FC Augsburg administrative team are not above selling two players that have proved crucial to the team this year in the coming transfer window if it nets them a sizable profit. Young Belgian talent Arne Engels - a surprise regular fixture in head-coach Enrico Maaßen's starting XI - is not necessarily a prospect the Fuggerstädter wish to hold onto at all costs, according to Kicker.

The 19-year-old was acquired for the paltry sum of €100,000 this winter. With an estimated market worth now suddenly pumped up to €3.5 million, the Bavarian Swabians could register a quick gain on the teenager. The same applies to newly called up German national team forward Mërgim Berisha. The squad's leading goal-scorer has doubled his estimated market worth from €6 million to €12 million this season.

Berisha is still working for the FCA on loan from Fenerbahçe. The 24-year-old's permanent signing is considered a mere formality. Whether or not Berisha will suit up for Augsburg next season, however, depends on the summer market. Berisha's purchase clause is rumored to be only around €4.5 million. The native Bavarian could fetch upwards of €20 million from an interested party this summer.

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