Germany: Bundesliga
2 - 2
(1 - 1)
FC Bayern
C. Günter (12), L. Höler (87)
M. Tel (35), J. Musiala (75)
By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Tuchel speaks of "Bayern Hara-Kiri" after Freiburg draw

Following last night's disappointing result, outgoing FC Bayern München trainer Thomas Tuchel likened his team's latest defensive collapse to the traditional ritualistic art of Samurai suicide. 

To the trainer's eyes, Bayern turned their own sword inwards and disembowled themselves with "senseless" actions that were "never even drilled or talked about". 
When speaking to the DAZN microphones following last night's 2-2 draw with SC Freiburg, outgoing FC Bayern München trainer Thomas Tuchel maintained a combat and sarcastic tone when describing his team's performance. The very body language with which Tuchel strode up to his interviewer suggested that the 5-year-old had zero interest in against trying to explain why his team wasn't playing well. Tuchel resorted to sardonic words as a clear defense mechanism.

"We were completely without structure and totally indisciplined," Tuchel first grumbled, "We started poorly thought-out attacks and invited our opponents to counterattack. No one notices when transition play begins. It was made clear [to the team] that we wanted to play with a different level of determination and emotion here."

"It was hara-kiri at times," Tuchel - referencing the ritualistic art of Samurai suicide made famous in Germany by famous German director Fritz Lang's 1919 silent film - continued, "We had phases in which the central defenders folded in underneath the fullback. We did things that we never drilled or even talked about before."

"It was senseless," Tuchel concluded, "We campout playing as if it was the 85th minute and we were 0-1 down. We were punished for it. The second half was okay, but one half isn't enough if one wishes to come here and win. The difference between the first half hour and the rest was too striking for a winning performance."

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