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Maximilian Arnold for the German national team? Midfielder "sleeps peacefully."

By Peter Vice

A string of marvellous performances from Wolfsburg's midfield general raises the question as to whether Maximilian Arnold may find his way back into Joachim Löw's sights soon.

Maximilian Arnold.
Maximilian Arnold.

Nationalmannschaft trainer Joachim Löw isn't typically spotted by cameramen in the stands of a Bundesliga match unless it involves Bayern, Leipzig or Dortmund. Occasionally, the 60-year-old attends a fixture in his hometown Freiburg. 

Asked by Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung this week if he felt a little under-scouted at Germany's green company team, Maximilian Arnold laughed off the question.

"I think he has scouts," Arnold told the newspaper, "I also think he has a TV at home." 

Depending on who one talks to, the German national team's midfield is either the most crowded position or the squad's most dire need. Either way, few would be surprised if Arnold earned his first call-up since 2014 should he maintain his recent form. The 26-year-old picked up a late assist in Saturday's 2-0 win over Hertha. 

"I wouldn't complain about being on the national team again after 2014," Arnold noted in the interview, "but if that doesn't come, it won't be the end of the world. Hence, I'm not driving myself crazy. I'm sleeping peacefully; at least that's what my wife tells me." 

VfL head-coach Oliver Glasner nevertheless couldn't avoid the question after his side's latest command defensive performance. 

"I don't have Jogi's number and he hasn't contacted me either," Glasner told the Sky mic after the match.

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