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Müller brushes off talk of milestone, takes snarky crack at Leverkusen

By Peter Weis   @PeterVicey

In typical Thomas Müller fashion, Bayern's German footballing legend didn't want to make much out of his 500th competitive match won in a Bayern tricot. In his typically mischievous fashion, Müller also got a dig in at his upcoming opponent next week. 
Thomas Müller
Thomas MüllerSven Mandel CC-BY-SA 4.0
Whether he's refusing to complain about a bench role, cryptically predicting that Dortmund will blow their shot at a title, or blowing off talk of milestones by referencing his preference for loin-girding sportswear, German footballing legend Thomas Müller can nearly always be relied upon for a quotable post-match interview.

One expected nothing less of the 34-year-old when his Sky Germany interviewer asked him what it felt like to earn his 500th competitive victory with his club this afternoon. Müller flashed before giving his interviewer precisely the answer the microphone-wielder knew he was in for. Leverkusen was on the mind of one of the sport's greatest competitors.

"I'm not much one for all these anniversaries," Müller said, "It's the feeling of victory that counts. Next week, we face Leverkusen. I believe we're on a good path and can win. The fans, with their cheers, told us that we can win in Leverkusen next week."

"Compliments to Leverkusen," Müller continued, "Ordinarily, Leverkusen isn't worthy of fan insults. But next week's game is apparently important to our fans. I want to chase this feeling again. Whether there's a milestone attached to it or not doesn't matter to me."

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