By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Report: Hrustic's appeal works, SGE seek at least two more attackers

Adjin Hrustic's recent demands that his Dutch club get his transfer to Germany done appear to have moved the two clubs closer to the line. A Bild-Zeitung report suggests that Eintracht have more specific targets in mind as the transfer market heats up for a wild finish.
Frankfurt head coach Adi Hütter claims the Adjin Hrustic he once met didn't exactly resemble the player who recently threatened his club with dire consequences if his transfer to the SGE wasn't completed. "I recall he was very, very humble," Hütter is quoted in Germany's Bild Zeitung as saying, "His statements don't fit at all with how one became acquainted with him."

Brinksmanship aside, it looks as if a deal to bring the 24-year-old Australian international to the Adler will go through. Bild reports that Hrustic's forceful demands have in no way dampened the German club's enthusiasm for acquiring the winger from FC Groningen. In point of fact, the newspaper claims that Frankfurt have increased their offer from €400,000 to a cool €1 million to get the deal done.

German magazine Kicker also reported today that Hrustic's hectoring has appeared to work. Groningen must make way for returning hometown hero Arjen Robben at Hrustic's position and there remains little sense in keeping a disaffected player on the roster.

The Bild article also cites inside sources to reveal that the SGE presently target at least two more offensive-minded players for loan deals. The unnamed actors are said to be "riding the bench any top international football clubs".

One can easily conjecture that the SGE will be among the most active clubs in the final 11 days of the 2020 summer transfer window, just as they were last year. Frankfurt Sporting CEO Fredi Bobic recently emphasized "I leave every door open to myself because I know what can happen in the last seven to ten days. Then it gets really turbulent."

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