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Bierhoff wants Flick's appointment confirmed before the Euros

By Peter Vice

DFB director Oliver Bierhoff was in attendance during Thursday's DFB Pokal Final in Berlin. 

In an interview with Sky Germany at halftime, Bierhoff noted that he would like to see Hansi Flick installed as the new national team coach before the Euros begin. 

Oliver Bierhoff.
Oliver Bierhoff.Photo: Steindy, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Outgoing Bayern München trainer Hans Dieter Flick expressed his deep level of trust in German FA director during a Sky Germany after Bayern's 6-0 win over Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday.

Interviewed by the same broadcaster at halftime during the country's domestic cup final on Thursday, Bierhoff emphasized that the feeling was very much mutual. The 53-year-old executive also let it be known that negotiations to bring Flick to the national team were ongoing.

"You're never sure, of course, but we're having good talks," Bierhoff said of the matter, "Of course, he still has to consider a few things, so you have to give him time. We would all like to see him as the national team coach."

In the Saturday interview, a visibly haggard looking Flick seemed to indicate that he was looking forward to taking a vacation after May 22nd. The demands of a long season spent under the microscope at Germany's biggest football club appeared to have taken their toll.

Bierhoff signified some sympathy for this, but nevertheless articulated his own preferences on getting the deal sewn up.

"My desired timetable would be to make it clear before the European Championship," he told his interviewer, "So that you don't have to talk about it during the tournament."

Bierhoff acknowledged that Flick was a "man in demand", suggesting that his former DFB colleague might be mulling other offers.

On Tuesday, Germany's main sporting tabloid reported that FC Barcelona had tendered an offer Flick's way.

Few in German footballing circles expect the former national team co-trainer to be swayed by anything else when he has the opportunity to coach the Nationalmannschaft.

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