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By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Khedira calls for German backing of Kimmich: "We need to support him."

Both Joshua Kimmich and 2014 German World Champion Sami Khedira commented on the lack of support the former has been receiving following last night's Champions' League victory. 

Accorded "Man-of-the-match" honors in last night's massive quarterfinals Champions' League victory over Arsenal, Joshua Kimmich (as has become common) took the opportunity on the lack of support he's been receiving as a German footballing force when conducting his post-match interview with German broadcaster DAZN. The 29-year-old's opinions were backed up by German World Championship winner Sami Khedira; himself now serving as a pundit for the streaming service. 

"I had to listen to a lot last year and got very little support," Kimmich said, "That goal did me a lot of good. There have been very few people out there in favor of Kimmich. Accordingly, it's very nice that I can make my own contribution to altering the perception." 

"He's more than deserving after all the criticism," Khedira added, "He's one of our leaders and we ultimately have to support players like him. If Germans tell him to get lost and that we don't need him, I'm sorry so-called 'experts'. You know nothing of football!" 

"He proved himself today and will also do so in the future and at the European championships," Khedira continued, "He's a really great player and a really great character who sometimes gets carried away. But that's precisely why we need to support him." 

"In the final analysis, it once again proves that hard work pays off," Kimmich concluded, "I'm proud that the evening went the way it did. I'm extremely happy with the goal and reaching the semi-finals."  

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