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Leipzig set to reclaim fans via legal inquiry

By Peter Weis   @PeterVicey

RB Leipzig announced that they had filed a legal motion to increase their live spectator cap on Saturday. 
Red Bull Arena.
Red Bull Arena.Photo: GEPA Pictures/Christian Schroedter/POOL via Picture Point
The German Bundesliga's club from the federal state of Saxony has taken legal steps to raise its current live spectator cap of 1,000 in-stadium patrons. This step was announced by RB Leipzig on both its official website and social media arms. Leipzig have filed an injunction with Saxony's high court in Bautzen.

The technicalities of the motion seek clarification on how many live fans can be permitted into outdoor venues under current COVID restrictions. With regulations being loosened across the Bundesrepublik, the club seeks a "factually grounded and comprehensible decision regarding extreme spectator restrictions at home games.

The motion cites the precedents being set by many other German states and specifically asks for reasons why the current COVID situation in Saxony merits a different approach.

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