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Kovac on Wind's third brace of young season: "The Wind has become a storm."

By Peter Weis   @PeterVicey

With his team off to a significantly better than the first season under his command, VfL Wolfsburg trainer Niko Kovac had plenty of praise for his performers on Saturday.

Naturally, the 51-year-old couldn't resist a pun when it came to his now record-breaking striker. 
Jonas Wind.
Jonas Wind.Photo: VfL Wolfsburg
he failure of VfL Wolfsburg to qualify for Europe on the final match-day of last season could be pinned on many factors. One that certainly played a role above all others, however, had to be the poor start to the season from the German Wolves under their newly-installed head-coach. Niko Kovac's VfL were in the relegation-playoff place at this point in the campaign last year. A 2-0 defeat of Eintracht Frankfurt on Saturday afternoon helped them keep the start to the 2023/24 cycle undefeated.

Danish striker Jonas Wind bagged another brace in the latest victory. The 24-year-old drew level with FC Bayern München superstar Harry Kane for second-place in the Bundesliga scorer charts heading into Saturday evening's "Top-Spiel" between Bayern and Leipzig. In the process of netting his third scorer's brace of the season, the 20-times-capped international became the first ever VfL player to ever score seven goals through six match-days.

"The 'Wind' has now become a storm," Kovac slyly remarked in his Sky post-match interview, "[but] Wind does not play alone. He's set up well by his teammates. The bottom line is that we played really strong today. We worked against the ball, put the opponent under pressure, and created some really top class chances."

"That's what we were missing at the beginning of last season," Kovac continued, "Now we have it. It was a well-deserved victory. That's how I like it and that's how we have to play. Apart from a couple of ball losses, I can only give the team top marks today."

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