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Rafinha and Robben say goodbye to Bayern

By Rune Gjerulff

Rafinha and Arjen Robben expressed gratitude for their time at Bayern München at a press conference ahead of their departures in the summer.

Rafinha and Arjen Robben.
Rafinha and Arjen Robben.Photo: Rufus46/Creative Commons/CC-by-SA 3.0

Rafinha and Arjen Robben said an emotional goodbye to Bayern München at a press conference today.

The two veterans have spent years at the club, but an era will come to an end this summer when they leave the club along with Franck Ribery.

"The eight years have been wonderful, I've had some great moments here. The treble in 2013 was special. All things come to an end eventually," Rafinha said, as quoted by the club.

The 33-year-old, who joined Bayern from Genoa in 2011, added that he will miss the special cohesion within the squad:

"We are together every day and know each other so well - we are a family. The friendship we all have is the greatest thing," he said.

Arjen Robben, who has played for Bayern since he joined the club from Real Madrid in 2009, told reporters:

"10 years is a long time. I think it's a good sign when the time goes by so quickly. It shows that the time was special, that you had fun and felt happy here."

On his friendship and partnership with Franck Ribery, Robben said:

"It just clicked from the first day. It has been so much fun on the pitch, there have been many wonderful goals. Assists from Franck, goals from me. The other way round too, but not as many."

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