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Video: Schalke players react to Di Santo insult

By Bulinews Team

Schalke 04's team reacted strongly after a fan yelled at Franco Di Santo during a training session.

Franco Di Santo received back-up from the rest of the Schalke 04 squad after he was insulted by a fan on the training pitch.

Kicker reports that during shooting practice at Schalke 04's training camp in Austria, Di Santo didn't hit the target which made a fan shout 'Franco, go home!'.

The striker didn't put up with that. 'Who was it? Who was it?', he asked in the direction of the group of fans.

Di Santo's teammates also reacted by looking annoyed at the responsible who was quickly identified.

The subsequent reaction from the players was a demonstration of sheer unity. Since the training was nearly over anyway, the players started singing 'Franco Di Santo, schalalalalalala' as they left the pitch:

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