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Stranger than fiction? More "false positives" reported in Munich.

By Peter Vice

A scant 48 hours after a wave of positive COVID tests threatened to de-rail the German professional footballing schedule, a stunning wave of reversals now seems to be placing everything back on track.

In the latest news, third-tier side Türkgücü München now claims that the three tests leading to this Friday's cancellation of the fixture against FSV Zwickau were all "false positives".

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The accuracy of coronavirus tests conducted on German football players cannot help but be called into question after this crazy weekend. In another development so strange it could be mistaken for fiction, more so-called "false positives" were reported on Sunday.

A statement on the website of third division club Türkgücü München reports that all three players who tested positive for the virus on Friday after afternoon were incorrectly diagnosed.

"The responsible laboratory confirms that the three tests from Friday were all 'false positives'", the statement reads. The club also confirms that all players and staff members have been released from quarantine.

As of yet, it remains unclear if the organization received approval from the Munich health authorities to end the quarantine. The Bavarian capital's most prominent team, FC Bayern München, did work directly with public officials to arrange for the release of Serge Gnabry earlier in the day.

Türkgücü managing director Max Kothny issued a statement in which he lamented the cancellation of the match. He also signified that the club may move to a different testing regime.

"It's most unfortunate that our match against FSV Zwickau had to be cancelled because of three false positives," Kothny noted, "Now we have to go over this case in order to avoid such scenarios in the future."

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