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By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

International press: A continent reacts to Bayern-PSG masterpiece

Citizens of the Bundesrepublik awoke this morning confronting very different emotions as our Western friends and neighbors in "La République" to the West. 

While the French revel in an excellent chance to celebrate their representatives' chances for European club championship glory, Germans grumble about what might have been and hope that Borussia Dortmund can pull off the stunner. 

As diametrically opposite as the emotions may be, we all stand in agreement that the second leg of Bayern-PSG was simply a fabulous football match. Wednesday morning definitely proved a day worthy of scouring all the international newspapers.

Kicker magazine journalist Tobias Rudolf did just that. Below one can find a translation of his work by Bulinews' own Peter Vice.
What an amazing football match! Germans may not be wholly satisfied with the end result, but it cannot be denied that PSG delivering retribution to FC Bayern München makes for a very good story. All across the continent and its adjacent isle this morning, the footballing poets were out in force. Tobias Rudolf picked up the best bits from the sportsinformationsdienst earlier and translated them into German.

We'll now proceed to translate the paeans into English.


A somewhat subdued reaction over in the fifth republic demonstrated that the French remained cautious about their chances of winning this competition for the first time since Olympique Marseille took the crown in 1992/93. This was actually the initial year under the Champions' League rebranding. Like everywhere else, Neymar elicited the most praise.

"A jubilant cheer that comes straight from the heart. PSG suffers against Bayern, but qualifies for the semi-finals. Paris were rattled and scared, but broke free of their shackles. Paris also had their chances during the first half, but made their lives unnecessarily complicated."
Le Parisien:

"Despite the 0-1, Paris cut a path open towards a Champions' League title. The narrow defeat against another European giant brings Paris closer to realizing its dream."
Ouest France:

"Paris have done it. For the second consecutive year, they're among Europe's top four. After Barcelona, they've now knocked off Bayern. At the Parc de Prices, where not everything has gone smoothly for PSG this season, a tight defeat was sufficient. Luck wasn't on the Parisian side during the first half."
Le Monde:

"The Parisians supplied a respectable game despite the defeat. In defiance of all the social distancing rules, there was hugging, touching, and an exchange of kisses on the cheek after the final whistle. The defeated danced on tables in the locker room and, in the absence of other things, splayed each other with sparkling water."
Le Figaro:

"Neymar, the architect of Paris' victory over FC Bayern, told Brazilian station TNT sports that he's never felt more at home in Paris and hopes to extend his contract, which expires in 2002, soon."


On the isle, there was plenty of praise for the overall quality of the fixture. A Mauricio Pochettino vs. Thomas Tuchel final would surely send U.K.-based journalists into convulsions.
The Guardian:

"Bayern are eliminated one of the best European club cup quarterfinals of all time. If this praise-worthy and wildly emotional victory doesn't make Paris believe they can win the Champions' League, nothing will."
The Times:

"Full steam ahead for the 'Poch Express', at least in this competition."
The Mirror:

"Revenge is sweet! Choupo-Moting scores against his former club, but it's not enough."

"A milestone for Pochetinno, but the end for Flick? A result that very much feels like the beginning of one coach's tenure and the end of another's."


Down on the Iberian Peninsula the footballing lyricists couldn't sing this match's praises enough. One looks forward to reading their thoughts on the Real match tomorrow.

"PSG slay the Champions in an another ode to football. PSG and Bayern furnished us with a work of football art that belongs on display in Louvre. Neuer and the aluminum posts kept the champions alive amid the "O Rei" Neymar display. Bayern succumbed with determination. Paris took revenge for the Lisbon final."

"Paris sat down to dine at the Bayern table. Neymar produced one of the best games of his career. It turned into a duel that will go down in footballing history. It became the Neymar show. It's certainly not a shame to be eliminated that way. Bayern will be back next season."

"PSG kicked their [one-time] executioner off the Champions' League train, buoyed by the magic of its superstars."
El Mundo Deportivo:

"Sweet defeat for PSG as the Champions get knocked out. PSG bid farewell to the ghosts of past blown chances. Neymar was the most outstanding man on the pitch."


Germany's Southern neighbors focused mainly on the man absent from the pitch. It's interesting to think that, had last year's competition taken place on the scheduled dates, Robert Lewandowski would have also been absent to injury. No pandemic would have likely meant no Bayern sextuple.
Gazetto dello Sport:

"The sweetest of defeats provides a clear path for PSG toward the second Final in a row. Behind this team's [PSG's] evolution is a group of champions who dispense with their own egos. Bayern pay a high price for a high line and Lewandowski's absence."
Correire dello Sport:

"The Bavarian European Kings are abdicating, leaving the crown in good hands. Bayern leave the Champions' League knowing that, without Lewandowski, advancement is not possible."

"The glittering partnership of Neymar-Mbappe exact revenge for the last Champions' League final. Bayern fought until the very end, but their fate was ultimately sealed. For Flick, this could have been his last [UCL] match on the Bayern bench."
La Reppublica:

"It's fitting that a strong PSG squad enters the semifinals following a marvelously courageous and imaginative duel that blurs the lines between winners and losers, because [in this case], the winners are the losers."
La Stampe:

"Glory to Bayern, but the French are through to the semi-finals. The Champions emerged victorious at the end of a spectacular match, but a 1-0 win isn't enough for Lewandowski's orphaned side to qualify."
Il Messagero:

"Paris bows at the feet of Neymar and Mbappé. Bayern pays a heavy price for Lewandowski's absence. PSG vs. Bayern shall be remembered as an early final."

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