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Augsburg prepare to dismiss Herrlich, reappoint Marcus Weinzierl

By Peter Weis   @PeterVicey

As of late Sunday evening, FC Augsburg sporting director Stefan Reuter had not returned calls seeking comment on the status of head-coach Heiko Herrlich. The 54-year-old executive told journalists at footballing magazine Kicker that he wished to take the weekend to consider Herrlich's future following an embarrassing loss on Friday night. 

Speculation begins to built that Reuter and club President Klaus Hofmann are busy finalizing terms with a replacement. The name of former Augsburg trainer Marcus Weinzierl is currently being traded.
Markus Weinzierl.
Markus Weinzierl.Photo: Maerwa/CC-by-SA 3.0
The time Stefan Reuter requested in a Friday evening interview has now elapsed. David Bernreuther of German footballing magazine Kicker was unable to obtain any confirmation from Augsburg's sporting director late Sunday evening. Several unnamed sources nevertheless suggest that former Augsburg trainer Marcus Weinzierl will be revealed as the new FCA trainer as soon as tomorrow.

Weinzierl coached the Fuggerstädter during what was arguably their most successful era in the top flight between 2012 and 2016. The former FC Bayer II professional led the West Bavarians to an Europa League appearance in the 2015/16 campaign. He then left, under what were widely assumed to be bitter terms, to serve as trainer at Schalke 04.

After an unsuccessful year-long stint at Schalke, Weinzierl also spent seven months as the head-coach of Stuttgart. He was sacked as the Badener Swabians plummeted toward relegation near the end of the 2018/19 season.

Reuter seemed to a signal a imminent separation with Herrlich after Friday night's loss. 

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