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By Matias Bengolo@scpaderbornen

7 facts ahead of Germany vs France

Here are seven quick facts about tonight's clash in Munich:

1. There's a first time for everything

When Germany and France last met at a European Championship in 2016, France won 2-0. However, this will be the first time France and Germany are in the same group at a European tournament.

2. The best of the best

The two teams with the most wins and most goals at European Championships will meet: Germany recorded 26 wins with 72 goals in 46 games, while France have won 20 times, scoring 62 goals in 39 games.

3. German anniversary

Germany will play its 50th game against France in a European Championship, the first two teams to reach this mark.

4. Munich loves the Euros

Games will be played in Munich both at this tournament and also at EURO 2024.

5. Griezmann loves playing Germany

Antoine Griezmann has already scored 4 goals against Germany, only Imre Schlosser (Hungary, 8 goals), Jan Thomee (Netherlands), Jozsef Takacs (Hungary) and Pauli Jörgensen (Denmark, all 5 goals) have scored more against 'Die Mannschaft'.

6. A perfect start for Löw

Joachim Löw has mastered the start of the group stage with a clean sheet victory at every EURO he's been 'Bundestrainer' at so far.

7. Deschamps' historic opportunity

Didier Deschamps won EURO 2000 as a player with France, achieved so far. Only Berti Vogts has won the European Championship as a player (1972) and coach (1996).

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