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Kicker Editorial: Frankfurt must be prepared to keep (and bench) Kostic

By Peter Vice

In an editorial appearing on the website of German footballing magazine Kicker, correspondent Julian Franzke insists that Eintracht Frankfurt sporting director Markus Krösche must hold firm in the case of Filip Kostic. 

Filip Kostic (left).
Filip Kostic (left).Photo: Werner100359, CC BY-SA 4.0

News that, at literally the last possible moment, Serbian winger Filip Kostic apparently wishes to force a transfer to Lazio Rome rocked the German footballing world on Friday. Though the SGE's high profile attacker remains more or less a perpetual subject of transfer rumors, it had long been considered a closed matter that club and player would remain on the same path at least through the current season,

Journalist Julian Franzke of German footballing magazine Kicker confirms that a late swoop by Lazio Rome for Kostic did threaten to waylay these plans, but emphasizes that there was and is no concrete offer from the Serie A club that sporting director Markus Krösche can work with. Moreover, the winger's refusal to attend training on Friday backs his club into a the very tough position of having to accept a lowball bid in order to offload a dissatisfied player.

Kostic's attempt to place the club that built him up under further financial duress is, in Franzke's words, "a reckless and egotistical selfish move". Franke argues that the desire for a change of club on the player's behalf can be considered legitimate, but that there was certainly a better time and place to lodge this request than the tail end of the transfer window. The SGE could have moved him earlier the summer at a more acceptable price. To undertake this action now smacks of flagrant self-interest.

France goes on to opine that Krösche and the club's supervisory board--particularly after the (recently canceled) Amin Younes placations--can ill-afford to perpetuate the message that SGE players can hold the club hostage for their own personal gain. Franzke A transfer may still be doable, but only if Krösche "doesn't deviate one cent from the asking price [already set by the club]"

"Eintracht must now present a united front," Frank writes, "In order to project strength, Krösche must enjoy the full backing of the board to refuse the transfer. If Lazio Rome does not meet the full transfer fee demand, Krösche must refuse to let Kostic go and, if necessary, see that he is benched until the January transfer window. This should be done even if it adversely affects his market value."

France notes that the "nuisance" of the Younes transfer saga leaves Krösche and the board little choice. At a certain juncture, the club administrators must put a stop to the growing notion within the locker room that players can take advantage of the SGE's managerial changes this offseason to force their own agenda.

"The sporting director [Krösche] must not allow himself to be treated as a pushover," Franzke concludes.

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