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Report: Bayern maintain interest in former loanee Justin Che

By Peter Vice

Goal and Spox currently report that FC Bayern München remain interested in 17-year-old defensive talent Justin Che of FC Dallas. 

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Photo: JörgGehlmann/CC-by-SA 4.0

A new report appearing on Goal magazine's website suggests an alternate narrative to the circumstances under which defender Justin Che departed Germany last June. Many had assumed that FCB II's relegation to the fourth tier of German football meant that the Germany's Bavarian super club could no longer afford to keep there 17-year-old on the Bayern campus.

The new reports that it was actually Che's parent club (FC Dallas) that did not wish to let him go. This would make more sense, given the glowing admiration and praise that Che received from Bayern administrators such as Jochen Sauer. According to this account, Che's MLS club felt that the player was simply not expendable.

The article goes on to say that FC Dallas openly wishes to entertain offers for the teenager during the next transfer window, and even places Che's price tag at approximately €2 million. There may be several other EPL clubs tracking the prospect as well. Che, who is actually eligible to play for Germany through his mother, might prefer a move to the continent over the Isle.

Che is on record as having expressed a desire to potentially play for the German national team. He earned his first USMNT call-up in May, but has not been capped yet.

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