By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Footballing media picks up first bogus story in DFB "scavenger hunt"

VfB Stuttgart striker Deniz Undav's place on Germany's Euro 2024 squad will almost certainly be confirmed very soon. 

For the moment, however, even the most reputable German footballing media sources have been fooled by a false entry in the DFB "scavenger hunt". 

A Stuttgart handball club's video - using the #prediction hashtag - may not have even been trying to deliberately fool anyone.

A video produced by the TVB Stuttgart handball club purportedly confirming the nomination of VfB Stuttgart striker Deniz Undav appears to be the first false entry in the ongoing "scavenger hunt" produced by the German FA. Player nominations for the upcoming Euro 2024 Championship roster have been revealed in many different creative ways over the course of the last two days. 

As soon as the handball club's video appeared on social media, virtually all reputable German footballing media sources took it to mean that Undav's reported nomination had been confirmed. Social media platform X immediately treated the story as fact. As neither the DFB nor VfB Stuttgart released a statement confirming the news as they had done with other announcements, however, the video actually isn't Undav's official unveiling. 

One assumes that the DFB do have something special planned for Undav's nomination and that the real confirmation shall come soon. For the moment, German football fans will have to wait to see how Undav will truly be welcomed. Even Germany's preeminent footballing publication picked up the video as Undav's true confirmation.

ℹ️ Dieses Video ist wohl ein Scherz vom @tvbstuttgart & nicht die "offizielle" Bekanntgabe der Nominierung von Deniz #Undav. Der #DFB hat es bisher nicht geteilt & auch vom #VfB kam keine Bestätigung, wie es bei Führich & Mittelstädt gestern direkt der Fall war. #DFBTeam #EM2024

— Daniel Haug (@d_ha24) May 15, 2024



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