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A. Lookman (12), A. Lookman (26), A. Lookman (75)
By Ultan Corcoran@UltanCorcoran

"We never got into the game" - Leverkusen fans in Dublin react to Europa League final defeat

After a 3-0 defeat to Atalanta, I gathered the opinions of Die Werkself fans outside the Dublin Arena. I asked fans where the game went wrong and did Xabi Alonso tactically overthink on the night?

Tim, 28, Leverkusen: "No I don't think that [Xabi Alonso got it tactically wrong]. Today it was just a bit of poor luck. They had the party [from the Bundesliga title] still in their legs as they misplaced these passes so often. It was devastating but life goes on". 

Moritz, 21, Rostock: "Not necessarily because firstly Alonso has a better view of his team. Obviously he sees them in [training] practice regularly.

"I also was a bit surprised [by the starting line-up]. But I think a lot of it came down to nervousness, a new situation, and a lot of pressure because everyone believed they were heavy favourites. I would say it was a mixture, but not necessarily only the coach's fault".

Torsten, Leverkusen fan based in Frankfurt: "From the beginning right!? We never got into the game. The first bad game we've played all season and unfortunately it was tonight. But, all good for [Atalanta] Bergamo, a fully earned win. 

“As for Xabi Alonso's tactics, no, absolutely not. I believe it is ok to have one bad game per season, so nothing wrong with Xabi's tactics tonight”. 

Maurice, 36, Leverkusen: “I think the big problem tonight was our defence was very nervous. The first goal from the Atalanta striker [Ademola Lookman] was poor defending and it unsettled our team. My second thought is we didn't have a striker. We didn't start with Schick, Boniface or even Borja Iglesias.

"I don't think the tactics were wrong because we know Xabi Alonso likes to us many tactics and formations. Perhaps also Schick or Boniface were less motivated in training and they didn't start. But I don't think it was wrong tactics; just a bad night [for the team]".

Frank, 53, Hamburg: "The whole game [went wrong]. For the first time the team had no contact with the ball or to the [Atalanta] Bergamo players... a total disaster.

"For me it was a slightly wrong team selected by Xabi. But Bergamo was really the better team and there are no complaints".

Janis, 20, Leverkusen: "I think Atalanta was the better team. They pressed from the start and Leverkusen can't play their game. [Ademola] Lookman was amazing today - three shots and all in [the net]. He is a different player now than we saw at Leipzig, and I think the coach [Gasperini] has done that; congratulations to Atalanta. 

“I think [Xabi Alonso's tactics] were off a little bit. They had no central striker to find with long balls. But the other 51 games we did it; this is one game and its very sad it was a final but that's football”. 

Til, 51, Leverkusen: "They had a series of 51 matches without losing; today was the day it had to end. They [Leverkusen] didn't play well and Atalanta knew how to destroy their usual game and it was very effective. They deserved the win tonight I have to say. 

"I'm not sure if he got the tactics wrong. Maybe today was the day they needed to lose. Every series has to come to an end eventually. I'm not so big into tactics, but really today nothing worked out. They made so many mistakes which usually don't [all season]". 

Moritz and Leon, Leverkusen: "I'm not sure [where the game went wrong]. Not the game we normally play and I think Atalanta Bergamo did really well. We made a lot of mistakes, a lot of passes that didn't get to the player so its congratulations to Atalanta for me.

"Normally I would say Xabi Alonso does everything right [tactically]. Maybe not tonight, but he is a great coach so I cannot blame him for this result". 

The defeat brings Bayer Leverkusen's run of 51 games unbeaten to an end. Xabi Alonso's side must now refocus their thoughts and prepare for the DfB Pokal final on Saturday 25th May against 2.Bundesliga opposition 1.FC Kaiserslautern.

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