Germany: Bundesliga
2 - 1
(0 - 0)
FC Bayern
RB Leipzig
H. Kane (56), H. Kane (90)
B. Šeško (70)
By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Müller comments on "unsophisticated" win: "We're only human."

Thomas Müller's manner of describing state-of-mind after Bayern finally snapped their three-game losing streak against Leipzig last night pumped the brakes on any serious enthusiasm. 

The German footballing legend acknowledged that the German gaints couldn't live up to the exceedingly high standards of either themselves or their fans just yet.
After broadcast cameras caught him - in typical Thomas Müller fashion - continually screaming at his colleagues over the entire course of last night's win, Thomas Müller exuded a bit more calm after the full-time whistle confirmed that his German record champions had indeed snapped their three-game winless run. The 34-year-old German footballing legend put the result in context with calm words in his opening statement to the Sy microphones.

"It's an important win for all of us," Müller initially said, "We're all in this together. As FC Bayern München players, it's not been easy for us to process three defeats in the span of a week. We're thus happy to have again experienced the feeling of victory against Leipzig."

As he continued to speak, however, Müller went on to criticize the recent form of the 11-times-defending champions. The German footballing legend made clear that the recent results - two league losses that almost certainly shall lead to Bayern not capturing the Bundesliga crown for the first time in over a decade - didn't meet the stratospherically high standards of a club expected to collect trophies every single year.

"We're not effective enough at the moment," Müller noted, "If you don't win games and don't play as well as is expected here at FC Bayern, talk will crop up. I believe, and you saw that here today, that we're not all united just yet."

"We mustn't forget that we're in a extreme [results driven] day-to-day business," Müller continued, "the word 'development' sounds nice, but people are especially impatient here at FC Bayern. Especially when the results don't suit us."

"We're not a 'development' locale," he concluded, "It has to work every Saturday and Wednesday and not with an unsophisticated 2-1 either. [Some will say] 'it should have been 3-0'. It's always a pressure-filled game for us. Every change. Every injury. We're only human."

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