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Kramaric now wants to extend deal with TSG

By Peter Vice   @ViceytheSS

Germany's main sporting tabloid is now reporting that TSG 1899 Hoffenheim striker Andrej Kramaric has had a change of heart and now wishes to extend his contract in Sinsheim after all. 

German footballing magazine Kicker also confirms the report, listing a confluence of reasons why the Croat attacker may wish to stay put. 
Andrej Kramaric.
Andrej Kramaric.Photo: TSG Hoffenheim
It has long been tacitly assumed that burgeoning stars such as Andrej Kramaic and Florian Grillitsch would be out the door at Hoffenheim once their contracts expire at the end of the season. The Sinsheim city club makes for a great springboard, but few with the notable exception of Sebastian Rudy have felt calling it a permanent home over the few short years since Dietmar Hopp bought them a place in the Bundesliga.

Some fourteen years after the Kraichgauer promotion to the top flight, all of that may finally be changing. USMNT defender Chris Richards, in Sinsheim for his second loan stint, recently reported to the German press that the TSG are a very close squad who "consider themselves as brothers". Sebastian Hoeneß' side indeed appear to be a tight-knit group with phenomenal intuitive understanding of each other on the pitch. It doesn't take long to notice this whilst watching them in action.

Against this contextual backdrop, it appears that Andrej Kramaric may want to remain with the club for whom he's suited up the past five season. The 30-year-old may wish to remain with the group as they prepare to contest the Champions' League next season. The 2018 World Cup runner-up may also wish to confront all the stress of changing teams, systems, and even countries ahead of the next World Championship next winter in Qatar.

Germany's "Sport Bild" reported on the initial rumor holding that Kramaric is now open to a contract extension. German footballing magazine Kicker picked up on the story to confirm via its own sources and elaborate on some of the reasons the Croat may wish to stay. Kicker also divulges that Kramaric makes his home in nearby Heidelberg and (understandably for anyone who has ever lived in the town) feels very comfortable in Germany.

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