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Hoeness: It's not the end of Bayern if we don't win the league

By Bulinews Team

Uli Hoeness says it's not the end of the world if Bayern München don't win the Bundesliga this season.

Uli Hoeness.
Uli Hoeness.Photo: Usien/Creative Commons/CC-by-SA 3.0
Bayern München has received a lot of criticism for their start to the season, but the club's president, Uli Hoeness, underlines he remains patient.

Hoeness says he is willing to give Niko Kovac time to adjust to the job as Bayern coach and that 'it's not the end of Bayern' if the Bavarians don't win the Bundesliga for the seventh time in a row.

"The season has just started. We have a team that is in transition. We have a young coach who works to adjust to things here. And then you need a bit of patience," Hoeness told Sport1 and added:

"Four weeks ago, everyone complained that the league was boring. Now, it's exciting, and that's also not right. We are not as arrogant as you all believe. We would like to win the league, but if that doesn't happen, it's not the end of Bayern."

The Bayern president also said he sees Bayern München as an outsider for the game against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday.

"You can't go to Dortmund and say you want to score three goals. Dortmund have played a very good season so far, so we aren't going to Dortmund as favourites, but as outsiders for the first time in a while. We have to try to play a good game and see what comes out of it. Right now, we are outsiders. To my knowledge, they are four points ahead of us."

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