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By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Adeyemi and Schlotterbeck minimize injuries

Following their closely contested, and highly physical, narrow victory over Bayer 04 Leverkusen, both attacker Karim Adeyemi and defender Nico Schlotterbeck minimized injuries that they had sustained in the match. 
Karim Adeyemi's early subbing off surely gave more than a few Dortmund fans the feeling that they were cursed during Saturday evening's "Top Spiel". Already having to operate without striker Sebastien Haller, a blockbuster summer transfer window deliberately designed to help the squad avoid the sorts of balance issues encountered in years' past appeared to still succumb to horrendous injury luck.

Afterwards, the German national team attacker spoke to reporters and revealed that it was "merely" a problem with his big toe.

"It's already better," Adeyemi insisted after the match, "Swelling is down. It's probably just an overstretching of the tendon or something on the capsule."

Newly-acquired defender Nico Schlotterbeck also had to leave the pitch briefly during the second half. After some impromptu treatment in the tunnel, Adeyemi's national team colleague was able to return and finish the match. The 22-year-old revealed that his shoulder had popped out of socket.

"A little injury problem," Schlotterbeck described it as, "The doc popped it back in gave me the all clear to go back on the pitch. I'm a defender so I need to be a little tougher."

Schlotterbeck also noted that he had been looking forward to his Dortmund debut for far too long to let such an issue keep him off the pitch. Asked if he was also "looking forward" to meeting his former team SC Freiburg next week, the "tough defender" approached the question as a Dortmund player through and through.

"That will naturally be emotional, of course," Schlotterbeck noted,"Last season, the BVB won 5:2 against Frankfurt to open the season and then lost in Freiburg. That must not happen to us, of course."

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