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Leon Goretzka to continue as a number 10 after his double against Hoffenheim?

By Bulinews Team

Bayern München's Leon Goretzka shined in the number 10 position against Hoffenheim - and he admits he's more comfortable in the offensive midfield than as a number 6.

Leon Goretzka.
Leon Goretzka.Photo: Кирилл Венедиктов/Soccer.ru/CC-by-SA 3.0
For the first time at Bayern München, Leon Goretzka was used as a number 10 in last week's 3-1 win over Hoffenheim - and the German international definitely seemed to feel well in the offensive midfield position as he scored a double.

Actually, Goretzka feels most comfortable as a number 8, but that position isn't part of Bayern's current system. Instead, he can either play as a number 6 or as a number 10 - and he admits he prefers to play in the offensive midfield if he has to choose between those two positions.

"I've played that position a lot before in the past as well. It's easier for me to take advantage of my offensive qualities there than it is at the number 6 position," Goretzka told Kicker and went on to underline that he has no problem lining up as a number 6 if that's what Bayern coach Niko Kovac wants:

"It's no problem for me to plug holes for 90 minutes if that's what's needed against a particular opponent."

After his brace against Hoffenheim, Goretzka has now scored four times for Bayern - and he believes there will be many more goals to come:

"I've decided to be a bit more dangerous in front of goal in the second half of the season," he told Kicker.

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