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Andrej Kramaric slams Hoffenheim's tactics after 1-1 draw against Fortuna Düsseldorf

By Rune Gjerulff

It's safe to say Andrej Kramaric wasn't happy with Hoffenheim's performance against Fortuna Düsseldorf on Saturday.

Andrej Kramaric.
Andrej Kramaric.Photo: TSG Hoffenheim

Andrej Kramaric has criticized the tactics of Hoffenheim coach Alfred Schreuder in the wake of the club's 1-1 draw with Fortuna Düsseldorf on Saturday.

Despite getting on the scoresheet, Kramaric couldn't hide his disappointment with his side's performance.

"Of course I'm not satisfied with the game. We didn't play well, and this is not the Hoffenheim we want to see. We can play much, much better," Kramaric told Kicker and added:

"I'm not the coach. But we obviously need more tactical preparation - mentally as well as physically."

The 28-year-old showed understanding for frustrated fans who booed the home side.

"If I was a fan, I would have booed, too. It doesn't matter if we have 21 points when we play like this. We didn't show anything. Football is a game that should bring joy and entertainment. Everybody can have a bad day, of course. But we have to try at least," Kramaric said.

"The problem was that we didn't even try to play. Against Düsseldorf, with all due respect. If we want to be a top team, we have to face Düsseldorf just like Bayern München would. But we didn't do that. Düsseldorf were actually better than us," the striker underlined.

Kramaric, who made his return from a knee injury in October, has scored four goals in four appearances for Hoffenheim this season.

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