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Rummenigge weighs in on Munich fan restrictions, lashes out at DFB over commercialization

Bayern Chairmen Karl Heinz Rummenigge spoke out on two topics in separate interviews on Sunday. Asked about Munich's long-term ban on fans, the executive called for more federal regulations.

Declining to join the growing chorus of criticism leveled at National Team coach Joachim Löw, Rummenigge instead upbraided the country's FA.
Speaking to Germany's Bild Zeitung on Sunday, Bayern's infamous boss expressed disappointment with the fact that his club will not be able to play in front of home supporters until November 21st. The FCB will play three home fixtures in next ten days; all before empty stands.

Concerning the re-entry of German fans into stadiums, a nation-wide "experimental phase" that permits arenas to operate at 20-percent-capacity under certain proscribed rules is set to expire on October 25th. It remains unclear what policy the Bundesrepublik will operate under thereafter.

Rising COVID infection rates across the country now render 23 of the countries districts official "hot spots". This is according to the latest data published on the website of Germany's Süddeutsche Zeitung.

"What we need is uniform solution that, based on certain parameters, applies to everyone," Rummenigge told the Bild's sporting department, "Bayern did not participate in this 'test phase'."

In another corona-related matter, Rummenigge, like many others, censured the DFB for scheduling a friendly during the pandemic. His words echo that of many football commentators who wondered aloud why European national teams have been criss-crossing the continent to play three fixtures during this international break.

"Poor Jogi Löw, currently receiving criticism from all quarters, had to play a friendly against Turkey in order to put money into the [DFB] coffers," Rummenigge told the Bild am Sonntag,"The priority is money and marketing, but not football."

The Bayern chair also criticized the amount of sponsorship marketing the national team players must engage in before every one of the Nationalmannschaft's games. "At the moment, interests outside football predominate at the DFB."

The current 20-percent-capacity-rule does constitute a national uniform standard that applies to everyone, so it would appear that Rummenigge's grievance concerns the fact that some locales can allow in fans while others must play behind closed doors on the same day.

The commercialization of national team players has been a topic of contention for those familiar with the Nationelf's media commitments. A national team call-up ordinarily entails at least one full day of marketing-related activities for all those selected.

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