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Spanish press lauds German fan-scene: "Madness how the Eintracht fans drove their team forward."

By Peter Vice

On the morning after an incredible pulsating Europa League match at Deutsche Bank Park, virtually all Spanish news sources acknowledged the amazing scenes furnished by the Eintracht Frankfurt supporters. No report could neglect Germany U21 international Ansgar Knauff's hellfire missal strike either. 

Various Spanish newspapers described "an escape from a pressure-cooker" and "a fan-base that gave the German team wings".

As we do on occasion here on Bulinews, we're pleased to supply a translation of quotes gleaned from international press sources. 

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After an incredible display from the Eintracht Frankfurt fans in their home leg of an Europa-League fixture last night, Barcelona trainer Xavi Hernandez and various sources in the Spanish press picked up on the spirit of the German football supporters and Ansgar Knauff's dream goal in their post-match commentary.

Journalists at German footballing magazine Kicker assembled some of the quotations and translated them into German.

Bulinews' Peter Vice, in turn, translates into English.

"A golden draw. Ferran Torres equalizes and suddenly all is well again. Madness how the Eintracht fans drove their team forward. Knauff scored the goal-of-a-lifetime. Now everything will be decided at the Camp Nou."
El Mundo Deportivo:

"A timely intervention. A goal from Ferran Torres rescued Barça from Frankfurt's pressure-cooker. Barça looked sluggish and secured a very valuable draw. The tireless support of the hometown fans gave the Germans wings. Barça will have to improve in the second-leg in order to knock out this strong Frankfurt side."

"Ferran saves Barça. The striker ensured a highly important draw in the first leg of the Europa League. Barça looked to be overrun, but they managed to survive. Monumental goal by Knauff. Ter stegen stood no chance. The second-leg promises to be a real cracker."

"Barça emerges from the [German] trap unharmed. Everything will be decided at the Camp Nou. Ferran Torres' goal keep's Xavi's streak alive. It all comes down to what happens in Barcelona. Torres cancels out Knauff's thunder-strike goal."

"An extraordinary atmosphere. I have great respect for Frankfurt. It didn't affect us, though. Recall that the scenes in Turkey [Barça played Galatasaray in the round-of-16] were even stronger. It will be different at the Camp Nou. The Camp Nou will have to be boiling, just as it was here, for us."

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