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By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Kahn confronts Matthäus over "Mia san Mia" remarks

German footballing legends Oliver Kahn and Lothar Matthäus got into a bit of a tiff during a pre-kickoff interview on Sky Germany Saturday evening. 
As an on pitch Sky reporter, it was German footballing legend Lothar Matthäus' responsibility to interview Bayern boss Oliver Kahn just prior to kickoff in Saturday night's FCB-BVB Top Spiel. Kahn let it be known that he was aware of Matthäus' assertion in the Thursday print edition of Germany's Kicker Magazine that, under the club's new stewardship, some of the "Mia san Mia" mentality had fallen by the wayside.

Kahn began by confronting his interviewer.

"I'd like to ask you, Lothar: What do you actually mean by 'Mia san mia' when you insinuated that there is no more 'Mia san mia'?" Kahn rhetorically asked, "You just through the phrase out there and then anyone can find a different interpretation of the term!"

"Oliver, I don't wish to get into a personal vendetta with you," Matthäus responded, "You can call me anytime. The fact is that I have contacts at Bayern that you may not know. I also didn't say that the spirit was getting worse, just that it was different."

"That doesn't excuse the statement," Kahn shot back, "Perhaps there are a few people here are working on false nostalgia or distortion. You probably recall from our time here [referencing the coaching change] that there were always hard decisions that had to be made in the interest of the club."

"Such decisions aren't always popular," Kahn concluded, "But this insinuation that we're not upholding the style of FC Bayern München. I would be very, very careful about saying that."

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