Spain - Germany

Europe: UEFA Nations League
Spain Á. Morata (17), F. Torres (33), R. Hernández (38), F. Torres (55), F. Torres (71), M. Oyarzabal (89)
Estadio Olímpico de Sevilla 6-0

The 0-6 aftermath:
International press piles on in wake of historic defeat

By Peter Vice

Football lovers across the Bundesrepublik grapple with their national team's most lopsided defeat in 89 years. The international press also had to convey the significance of Tuesday's historic 0-6 defeat. 

Here are some samples of the coverage in Europe and across the Atlantic. All quotes were assembled by German footballing magazine Kicker.

Joachim Löw.
Joachim Löw.Photo: Granada, CC-by-SA 4.0


La Vanguardia: "An unstoppable snowball"
"Spain found themselves awash in self-confidence as they slalomed past Joachim Löw's team from the very first minute onwards. Germany had no answer against the momentum."

El Pais: "A historic humiliation"
"Spain completely embarrassed the Germans. The new generation of "La Roja" showed up Joachim Löw's team with an epic series of goals."


The Guardian: "Yes, Six!"
"Yes, six. Against Germany. Joachim Löw's team was not merely defeated for the first time in 13 games. They were destroyed."


La Repubblica:  "Not since 1931"
"'La Furia Roja' humiliated Joachim Löw's men. The German national team had not lost 0-6 since 1931. Germany suffered a historic defeat in Sevilla."


Kuria:  "Hapless Germans"
"The furious Spaniards overrun the hapless Germans. Joachim Löw's had no chance in Sevilla and slid into a historic debacle."


Tagesanzeiger:  "Neuer's record spoiled"
"Germany concedes a historic defeat again Spain. For captain Manuel Neuer, who rose to become the national team's most used keeper with his 96th international start, it proved a very sour evening."


"FOOTBALL WORLD IN TOTAL SHOCK! Germany's worst match in modern times. Spain sent six past them."


Jutarnji:  "Germany's catastrophe"
"Total catastrophe for Germany as its national XI hasn't experienced a higher defeat since losing 0-9 to England 111 years ago. This is now the second worst defeat in their history."


ESPN:  "Continued deterioration....and it could have been worse"
"Germany's team has been steadily deteriorating since their victory in the 2014 World Cup Semi-finals. The three goals conceded in each half masks the fact that they could have lost by even more had Spain not been so wasteful in front of goal with clear-cut chances."

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