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Bundesliga coaching vacancies:
Two sources report Christian Groß to be unveiled as new Schalke trainer, Mainz defers decisions

By Peter Vice

Following Schalke's 3-1 DFB Pokal victory, Huub Stevens officially declared his fourth stint on the S04 trainer bank complete.

Germany's "West-Allgemeine Zeitung" as well as "Bild" now report that Christian Groß has become the leading candidate to take over in Gelsenkirchen. 

Over in the Pfalz, Mainz have deferred all decisions until December 28th at the earliest.

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"I had fun," Schalke's anointed 'Trainer of of the 20th century' confirmed after Tuesday's victory in the country's domestic cup, "but, as of tonight, I am no longer the Schalke coach."

Sixty-seven-year-old Huub Stevens remains satisfied with his accomplishments in the previous century and has no desire to lead the squad in the 21st. Two German media sources nevertheless report that a man just one year younger than Stevens, who had also already declared himself retired, is now the frontrunner to become the club's third trainer in as many months.

Christian Groß has evidently leapt ahead of previous favorite Alexander Zorniger to take the reigns of the relegation-threatened club. An article appeared on the Deutsche Funke Mediengruppe's WAZ website reports that Schalke sporting director Jochen Schneider, who worked with Groß at Stuttgart, has worked hard to convince his main target to return to the sidelines.

Germany's Bild-Zeitung hints that the announcement may come as early as today. One matter that will not receive further clarification today concerns a coaching change at FSV Mainz. Yesterday's postponed press conference ultimately confirmed, as many German media sources had speculated, that the Rheinhessen would part company with sporting director Rouven Schröder after a board appointment for Christian Heidel rendered his position untenable.

Heidel said in a statement yesterday that the club would retain its interim coach whilst in-house assessments took place over Christmas. Most German clubs report back for training on the 28th. Heidel noted that concrete decisions would be made then.

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