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By Rune Gjerulff@runegjerulff

Kroos happy to "fire up the country" with the German national team

Toni Kroos says he can feel that Germany's performances at the Euros are having a positive effect on the atmosphere in the country.


Germany have made an excellent start to Euro 2024, winning their first two games on home soil.

Toni Kroos is pleased to see how Germany's good performances are getting the country excited.

"It is nice to see that the national team is still able to fire up the country. I can feel that there is a good team spirit and I hope that will take us a long way," the midfielder told German television after Wednesday's 2-0 win over Hungary.

The win was important, Kroos said, not only because it seals a place in the knockout rounds, but also because there were a few issues that Germany overcame to come out on top.

"It is always important to confirm the first win. It was very rare for us to win the first two games. You could see it was more difficult today than on Friday against Scotland. But we got through it well and won with confidence in the end," said Kroos.

"I think we've started to get through those difficult moments. It helps a team a lot to believe that you can get through them. That will be very important. It can also happen that you fall behind and then it's important to react.

Germany face Switzerland in their final group game on Sunday. 

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