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Here's why there is a white T in the Allianz Arena stands

By Rune Gjerulff

Have you been wondering about the white T in the stands of the Allianz Arena? Here's why it's there.

Spectators forming a white Telekom logo in the stands of the Allianz Arena.
Spectators forming a white Telekom logo in the stands of the Allianz Arena.Photo: Telekom

If you have watched Bayern München play at the Allianz Arena, you may have wondered about the white T in the crowd consisting of people sitting in the Osttribüne (East Stand) that is omnipresent at every home game.

The T is the logo of Deutsche Telekom, a major sponsor of the club, and is part of a sponsorship deal. Bulinews.com have reached out to Telekom with a handful of questions about the logo, and spokesperson René Bresgen have kindly answered them all.

Apparently, 58 people - all Telekom trainees and employees - form the human T, and they can either apply for a seat in the section via an internal platform or win the right to a seat through competition.

Their outfits are dependant on temperatures. They either wear a white t-shirt or a poncho along with a white baseball cap or a fleece beanie.

The 58 people are allowed to move, but Telekom kindly ask them to remain seated during match time and have instructed them to be aware of the visiblity of the logo.

But what about alchohol? Are they allowed to grab a beer at half-time for example?

"We rely on the common sense of our employees and have not been disappointed so far", René Bresgen answers.

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