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Glasner lauds Trapp's decision to stay: "An endorsement for the team."

By Peter Vice   @ViceytheSS

SGE trainer Oliver Glasner commented on keeper Kevin Trapp's decision to reject an offer to join Manchester United when speaking to reporters on Friday.
Oliver Glasner.
Oliver Glasner.Photo: Sven Mandel, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0
Oliver Glasner elicited a few chuckles on Friday when he declared that he would unwind with a glass of cider once the transfer window closes in six days' time. The Eintracht Frankfurt head-coach, having to deal with endless transfer rumors involving his players over the last three months, expressed relief that the end was in sight.

"This three month period has felt like six months," Glasner told reporters on Friday, "I'll be glad when this is finally over."

Asked to comment on the anxiety-inducing saga of keeper Kevin Trapp, who very nearly moved to Manchester United this week, Glasner didn't deny that he felt the pangs of stress and agitation upon learning that he might be losing his #1 early in a thus far disappointing season.

The SGE trainer then lauded his keeper.

"This is a wonderful message from Kevin to the team and the club," Glasner noted, "He is insanely ambitious. He sees that we [as a club] are all also very ambitious and are reaching for greater heights. We believe in everything that we can accomplish and continue to strive for loftier goals."

"Commitment from a top-class goalkeeper like Kevin should be seen as an endorsement for the team," Glasner added, "He believes in our quality and has confidence in the team, the coaching staff, and Eintracht."

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