By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

German FA publishes post-elimination letter addressed to fans

As the German national team packed up and abandoned their central training headquarters in n Herzogenaurach on Saturday afternoon, a letter addressed to the German public was released. 

Specific reference to Germany's official goal-scoring anthem was made. The letter also alluded to the manner in which support for the national team had waned in recent years. 


Following yesterday's elimination in the German hosted 2024 European Championship quarterfinals, the German FA has released a letter addressed to the German public. The communique made specific reference to the German goal-scoring anthem "Major Tom" from musician Peter Schilling, thanking Germans across the Bundesrepublik for being "völlig losgelöst" ("thoroughly unhinged") in their support. 

The full letter reads: 

Dear fans,

We wanted to give you and ourselves the title at this home European Championship.  In Germany. For Germany.

We didn't manage that and that really hurts.

But something will remain from this tournament.

What remains are your emotions. The way you cheered us on, celebrated and carried us through the tournament to the quarter-finals.

We have missed your enthusiasm, your affection in recent years. Now we have earned it back and felt it in every moment.

What remains are the scenes. Of you cheering on the streets, in the stadiums, in the fan zones, in the living rooms, in our jerseys, in white as well as in pink and purple.

You were "thoroughly unhinged".

And hopefully we will remember how we played, fought and scored for you. Unfortunately not often enough against Spain.

You ensured that this European Championship was a home European Championship for us. Just as we wished it to be. 

Thank you for three fantastic weeks at the tournament.

It was a pleasure.

Your national team

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