By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Farke speaks on competition between Scally and Lainer

Borussia Mönchengladbach trainer Daniel Farke has spoken out in support of his Austrian fullback Stefan Lainer, currently relegated to the sidelines behind U.S. international Joe Scally. 
The competition for the starting right-back role at Borussia Mönchengladbach remains fierce. Last year, American Joe Scally and Austrian Stefan Lainer essentially won the job during respective half of the season. Scally stayed in former trainer Adi Hütter's good graces for most of the "Hin-Runde", but Lainer took the job away from the U.S. teenager whilst Hütter tried to salvage the season's second half.

Current BMG trainer Daniel Farke, in some Wednesday comments to the Rheinische Post, seemed to also recognize the the two players can both bring much to the team. After all, the 30-year-old Lainer has accumulated a wealth of experience. Farke noted that, provided Lainer can remain healthy, he wished to build this experience into his starting XI.

"Stevie is a seasoned Bundesliga and national player," Farke noted, "I have expressed my appreciation for him on multiple occasions. I appreciate his professionalism, reliability and mentality. We're happy to have him and, in the long run, I'm sure he'll feature in many more games for us."

Lainer has been struggling with knee inflammation issues. Knowing full well that he had no time to lose after his return from international duty, however, the Austrian declined to take any further time off and went straight into team training on Tuesday.

"Stevie was ready to go and wanted to train," Farke said of the early re-entry.

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