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Dortmund offer Bellingham €15 million salary and early exit clause

By Peter Weis   @PeterVicey

The latest on Borussia Dortmund's efforts to retain English phenom Jude Bellingham, according to Germany's main sporting tabloid, includes a massive pay raise and a guaranteed exit clause.
Jude Bellingham.
Jude Bellingham.Photo: Borussia Dortmund
Borussia Dortmund sporting director Sebastian Kehl continues to have the deck stacked against him in his efforts to keep English rising English superstar Jude Bellingham in North-Rhine Westphalia. Germany's "Sport Bild" tabloid reports that Kehl's latest effort aims to convince the teenage talent to remain for one more season on a €15 million salary and a guaranteed exit clause for next year.

The 19-year-old could earn a record sum whilst surveying his options for the future. Dortmund, the tabloid reports, will pocket an eventual €150 million on his future transfer. The deal would obviously be quite advantageous for both sides, with Bellingham getting another year to develop under a familiar coaching regime and more time to weigh his next career move.

In commenting on some "key negotiations" set for the middle of the current month, Kehl expressed confidence that he could keep Bellingham with the right offer. The club personnel executive even stated that there was a "50-50" chance that the Englishman would stay. Kehl also noted that he expected both sides could reach an agreement long before the season concludes.

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