Germany: Bundesliga
3 - 1
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Schalke 04
D. Drexler (38), S. Polter (90)
S. Zoller (51), E. Mašović (73)
By Peter Weis@PeterVicey

Reis appears to concede job: "I feel a bit silly."

While VfL Bochum's newly appointed sporting director Patrick Fabian dutifully avoided the Sky cameras following Saturday night's loss, embattled head-coach Thomas Reis was left to state his own case alone in the post-match interview rounds. 
VfL Bochum trainer Thomas Reis certainly sounded like a coach giving his final post-match interview on after VfL Bochum fell to their sixth straight league defeat against Schalke on Saturday night. The new club executive who had publicly backed the 48-year-old just nine days ago eschewed the cameras. Patrick Farina had no comment. Reis didn't seem sure of what to say.

"I saw team that gives it their all, that marches," Reis said in praising his team's performance, "We're not without a chance. Of course, I tell the same story every week and it makes me feel a little silly."

There are plenty who feel that Bochum's disastrous start to the season has much to do with some bad luck. An unfortunate bounce here. A disallowed goal there. Alas, bad luck or no, there comes a time when everyone's luck runs out. The reported rifts between Reis and club management surely can't survive this result.

Reis seemed to concede this while trying to still put a positive spin on things.

"We [the team] are trusted [against relegation] even less than last year," Reis noted, "I want to turn the corner with the team. I don't feel that I've lost the dressing room. They [club management] came also do it with me."

Time shall tell if the managers think much of this appeal.

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